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    Rojava: Campagne lancée par des révolutionnaires suédois

    international Irak Syrie

    Lien publiée le 11 octobre 2014

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    Swedish revolutionaries campaign to provide weapons to YPG

    ANF - STOCKHOLM11.10.2014 14:00:04

    Revolutionaries in Sweden have reacted against the western countries and Swedish government just watching the attacks by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham) gangs, and initiated a donation campaign in order to provide weapons for the YPG-YPJ fighters and the people of Kobanê resisting against the ISIS gangs.

    A socialist organisation under the name of Arbetarmakt (the power of the workers) sent a letter to all socialist, communist, revolutionary parties and groups and to workers associations and unions, asking them to join the donation campaign initiated in order to provide weapons for the YPG and the YPJ guerrillas resisting the ISIS gangs.

    The letter emphasized that the gangs belonging to al Qaeda have been attacking Rojava for 2 years, the ISIS gangs have besieged Kobanê for a month, and they have been attacking Kobanê with heavy weapons in order to take Kobanê. The letter also drew attention to the fact that the light weapons of the YPG fighters cannot repulse the fierce attacks of the ISIS gangs.

    After stating that the western countries have betrayed Rojava and just watched the events, the letter expressed: “however, we on the Swedish and international left do not want to betray Rojava. In order to create public support, it is an obligation to organise demonstrations and rallies. However, these demonstrations and rallies cannot stop the ISIS gangs. Heavy weapons can defuse the ISIS gangs. Thus, the left has to achieve a consensus about giving priority to organising a fund-raising campaign in order to provide heavy weapons for the YPG fighters who are carrying out a heroic resistance against the ISIS gangs. Neither the diplomacy of Sweden to the United Nations, nor the bombardments of the USA can provide freedom. The armed struggle of the Kurds and international solidarity can achieve this.”