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Militants of the CLAIRE tendancy are struggling for NPA to develop a consitent revolutionary program and defend it among workers and youth. (CLAIRE means "clarity" (of the political line) and is also an acronym for Communism, Self-organised struggle, Internationalism and Revolution.) Indeed, we believe the ambiguities of the NPA paralyze it since its foundation. The NPA is anti-capitalist, but has not clearly defined a strategy to transform society. In daily activism, our party lacks priorities, and in its discourse it fails to convince. In particular, confronted with the strengthening of the Front de Gauche (Left Front), the NPA leadership has failed and refused to criticize JL Mélenchon's false solutions. Within the NPA, the CLAIRE tendancy tried from the beginning to form with other comrades a broad revolutionary tendency, able to become the majority. We think it is more necessary than ever, given the crisis of the NPA and the historic offensive against the working class.

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Broad parties and anti-austerity governments: from defeat to defeat, learning the lessons of Syriza’s debacle

The NPA leadership, the majority of which is organically linked to the majority of the International committee of the Fourth international (ICFI), refuses to draw all the lessons from a way of building organizations that has continuously failed and led to political and organizational catastrophes in its national sections, with of course a very negative overall impact, for more than twenty years. The question is: what policy of the ICFI leadership is at the heart of such major and repeated failures, of utter disasters, even, in certain countries? After compiling a non-exhaustive list of the most significant among the regrettable and disastrous experiences of the past two decades, this contribution focuses on the latest tragedy to date: Greece. Lire la suite...

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¿Quiénes somos?

Las/os militantes de la Tendencia CLAIRE (por el Comunismo, la Lucha Auto-organizada, Internacionalista y Revolucionaria) luchan por que el NPA adopte un programa revolucionario coherente y lo defienda abiertamente entre las/os trabajadoras/es y la juventud. Efectivamente, pensamos que las ambigüedades del NPA lo paralizan desde su fundación. El NPA es anticapitalista, pero no ha definido claramente una estrategia para transformar la sociedad. En la actividad cotidiana, a nuestro partido le faltan prioridades establecidas y en su discurso público tiene dificultades para convencer. Lire la suite...

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