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La Turquie envahit la Syrie

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Lien publiée le 10 août 2015

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La Turquie aurait commencé à rentrer en Syrie avec des armes lourdes


NEWS DESK (DİHA) - As parts of its plans for the occupation of Syria, the Turkish state has entered Syria from the Bab Al-Selamê border gate in Azaz city.

According to a report by Hawar News Agency (ANHA), occupying forces organized by MİT (Turkish intelligence service) and affiliated to the Turkish state have entered the Azaz city today afternoon.

Sources reported that the armed forces organized under the names of “Sultan Murat Brigade” and “Fatih Sultan Mehmet Brigade” are heading towards the villages of Kefferan and Delhan in buses covered with Turkish flags and banners of both brigades, and in vehicles armed with heavy weapons.

On the other hand, sources also said another occupying force called Fatih Sultan Mehmet has left İdlib for Azaz city in buses and vehicles armed with heavy weapons.