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    Ukraine: la camarade de Borotba kidnappée a été libérée

    international Ukraine

    Lien publiée le 27 juin 2014

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    Comrades! Thanks to everybody for your concern and solidarity. Comrade Maria Matyushenko is released and safe now. 
    She was detained by state security agents – so-called “anti-terror forces” and “brave fighters against terror” – in the course of a search during which they grabbed all the mobile phones and computers of the family, including the ipad of a 13 year old sister.

    On the same day there were other searches in Dnepropetrovsk. There are mass interrogations and detention of people accused only of their oppositional political views and criticism of the authorities in social-networks.

    State security agents act together with ultra-right militants in course of the detentions of dissenters.